Euthanasia Guidelines

Euthanasia Guidelines

Emergency Euthanasia of Horses (pdf: 9pp. 152KB)

Emergency Euthanasia of Sheep and Goats (pdf: 10pp, 144KB)

On-Farm Livestock Euthanasia (2004) and Euthanasia Action Plan;
also in Spanish:
La Eutanasia Del Ganado En Granja and Plan De Acción De Euthanasia

—Interactive videos developed by the Veterinary Medicine Teaching and Research Center, University of California, Davis

Practical Euthanasia of Cattle (1999) (pdf)
—From the American Association of Bovine Practitioners

On Farm Euthanasia of Swine-Options for the Producer; also in Spanish: Eutanasia en la Granja Opciones para el productor
—From the American Association of Swine Veterinarians