Beef Cattle Herd Health - Archived

Beef Cattle Herd Health - Archived Articles

UC Davis Veterinary Views: Articles on animal health issues published monthly by Dr. John Maas in California Cattleman, the magazine of the California Cattlemen's Association.

Beef Quality Assurance: What's the Weakest Link?
(PDF: 3pp, 68KB) Nov 2009

Diarrhea in Weaned Calves
(PDF: 3pp, 80KB) Sep 2009

Treating and Preventing Footrot in Cattle
(PDF: 3pp, 76KB) Jul-Aug 2009

Woody Tongue: Recognition, Treatment and Prevention
(PDF: 2pp, 80KB) Jun 2009

Preventing Pinkeye in Your Herd
(PDF: 6pp, 144KB) May 2009

[Spring] Parasite Control for Current Conditions
(PDF: 2pp, 64KB) Apr 2009

Prepare for a Bad Fly Season in 2009: Current Methods For Fly Control In Beef Cattle
(PDF: 4pp, 116KB) Mar 2009

Preventing Damage from Liver Flukes
(PDF: 2pp, 76KB) Feb 2009

Responsible Drug Use & Consumer Confidence in Beef
(PDF: 4pp, 108KB) Jan 2009

Get Ready for Calf Scours
(PDF: 4pp, 88KB) Dec 2008

Sudden Death in Adult Cattle
(PDF: 4pp, 104KB) Nov 2008

Booster Vaccines
(PDF: 3pp, 80KB) Oct 2008

Treating Pneumonia in Beef Cattle
(PDF: 5pp, 128KB) Sep 2008

Pinkeye—Prevention and Treatment
(PDF: 4pp, 164KB) Jun 2008

Fly Control for Beef Cattle—2008
(PDF: 4pp, 112KB) May 2008

Humane Handling and Transport
(PDF: 3pp, 69KB) Apr 2008

Treating and Preventing Retained Placenta in Beef Cattle
(PDF: 3pp, 96KB) Mar 2008

New BVD Vaccines: What's the Story?
(PDF: 2pp, 96KB) Feb 2008

Killer Oak Trees (Oak Toxicity)
(PDF: 2pp, 84KB) Jan 2008

Save an endangered species... your rural veterinarian!
(PDF: 2pp, 116KB) Dec 2007

Coccidiosis in Cattle
(PDF: 2pp, 85KB) Nov 2007

Methods to Prevent Copper Deficiency in Beef Cattle
(PDF: 4pp, 100KB) Oct 2007

Leptospirosis in California Beef Cattle
(PDF: 2pp, 96KB) Sep 2007

Summer Doctoring
(PDF: 4pp, 128KB) Jul-Aug 2007

Anaplasmosis Management
(PDF: 3pp, 102KB) Jun 2007

Fly Control for Beef Cattle—2007
(PDF: 4pp, 124KB) May 2007

Footrot in Cattle
(PDF: 2pp, 84KB) Apr 2007

California's Trichomonosis Control Program: Proposed Changes
(PDF: 3pp, 88KB) Mar 2007

California's Trichomonosis Control Program: The First Three Years
(PDF: 2pp, 84KB) Feb 2007

Trichomonosis Part I: Trichomonosis in Cattle, a Review
(PDF: 4pp, 128KB) Jan 2007

E. Coli O157:H7, Spinach, & Cattle
(PDF: 4pp, 112KB) Dec 2006

Cautions, Precautions, Adverse and Untoward Reactions
(PDF: 2pp, 100KB) Nov 2006

Fall Deworming Considerations
(PDF: 2pp, 76KB) Oct 2006

UC Davis Cattle Health Research to Benefit Cooperator Herds
(PDF: 3pp, 112KB) Sep 2006

Animal Identification: Where Are We Now?
(PDF: 2pp, 74KB) Jul-Aug 2006

Preventing Anaplasmosis
(PDF: 3pp, 28KB) Jun 2006

Fly Control for Beef Cattle, 2006
(PDF: 4pp, 120KB) May 2006

Nitrate Toxicity in Cows with Chocolate Blood
(PDF: 3pp, 116KB) Apr 2006

Will a Wet Year Mean More Problems with Liver Flukes?
(PDF: 2pp, 88KB) Mar 2006

Treatment of Calf Scours
(PDF: 3pp, 108KB) Feb 2006

Antibiotic Choices for Beef Cattle
(PDF: 5pp, 164KB) Jan 2006